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White Oak Media

Every wedding is a unique celebration, and we approach every story with a blank canvas.

Our team immerse themselves in the celebration, and candidly capture the essence of your story.


The laughter. The tears. The joy.

All discreetly captured while you are both lost in the moment, and crafted into an everlasting memory.

You dream it. We capture it. You treasure it.

By adopting a cinematic documentary approach, we capture every moment as they organically unfold.

We focus on using cinematic composition and natural light to tell your story.

comprising of multiple cameras and lenses, as well as gimbal stabilisers to get super smooth footage,

along with professional post-production software.

Let us create the perfect cinematic film for you Wedding Day 
prices from only £799.00


"Creatively capturing those special moments that will live with you forever"


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